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Genuine Winning Roulette Systems

Last updated: Saturday, December 15, 2007

Genuine Winning Roulette Systems are hard to come by, but once you have found one you realise what is involved in finding other genuine winning roulette systems or strategies.

One of the most genuine way of winning roulette is through the use of a roulette computer. First of all these are illegal. A piece of java software is installed into your mobile phone. You hook up an earpiece from your phone into your ear and the software tells you which number will most likely be comming up next. This is around an 80% accurate. So by the end of a session you will be VERY well off!

A laser is hidden inside a pocket pen, or a packet of ciggarettes which is placed near the roulette wheel. The laser is constantly facing the roulette wheel.

This sounds great I bet, except:

  • These are illegal. Get busted and you will get kicked out and banned from the casino. Not only that the device will be confiscated.
  • These are expensive. For the smallest laser device and smallest ear piece (to be the most un noticed) you wont be getting much change from $7000-$10,000 dollars.
  • These can only be used offline and not on online casino, in the comfort of your own home.

Roulette computers are far too high of a risk. Which is why you never see them being used at casinos.

The second most genuine winning roulette systems are the ones listed on this website.

Reasons being:

  • They all offer 100% Risk-Free money back guarantees.
  • The roulette systems reviewed have been genuinely tested.
  • They have been written and designed for online casinos to expose them and thier secrets.

The second best genuine winning roulette system after roulette computers would have to be roulette system bettign software. With todays day and age, it won't be surprising in the not too distant future for all roulette strategies or systems be in the form of computer software. Afterall, online casinos are. The best method for a roulete system to be genuine and truely expose casino secrets and loop-holes is to be in software form.

This gives the roulette system the highest chance of succeeding. Why? because roulette betting software is able to interact with the online casino results and alter it's system to the optimal strategy according to the current and historic numerical results of the online casino.

The next generation of genuine winning roulette systems will be in the form of computer software.

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