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Genuine Winner Review

Last updated: Friday, December 21, 2007


Rating What this means
Poor system. Not reliable enough to use in the long-run.
Marginally better than 1 star. Still not to be considered.
50/50 Chance of being ahead of each session. Good conepts but needs more tinkering to get it working as it should over the long term.
Something worth paying money for. Will stay ahead 8 out of 10 sessions. Overall a long term winner.
Highly recommended. The system works both short and long term without fail. One of the best genuine systems available.

Review Synopsis

Name Score Comments
Genuine Winner Genuine Scam.

There is a good chance you have already stumbled upon Genuine Winner searching for roulette systems or strategies. If you might be tempted by, the system then please read on. If you have purchased Genuine Winner, it might be best for you to find a lawyer, as you have been scammed and will find it a hard time to get your money back�

"Stefano (Steve George) Hourmouzis also claims that he has been selling for over 10 years, yet only 7 years ago he was convicted of fraud for only making 7000 Australian dollars and sent to prison, question is, why commit the fraud if he genuinely has a roulette system that works or a roulette computer that works."
--- Edward Hubble

It is very hard to argue when the designer of a 'roulette system', which apparently has the potential to win large sums of money, was convicted for fraud over a measly $7000AUD. Why would you when you can earn that much fairly at a roulette table?

"Stefano probably almost felt very smart when he provided the proof video footage at his site Check out the predicted number he calls out, its always the number that is directly opposite, its simply dealer signature, he's giving the ball and rotor the exact same sort of force to make it land at the number opposite from where he releases from, most people can master this in around 2 hours of practice."
--- Edward Hubble

First hand read with someone that has personally dealt with Stefan himself:

Not sure about yourself, but this person is a crook.

Reviewed by the webmaster of Roulette System Winner