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FAST Roulette by Raymond Lai Review

Last updated: Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rating What this means
Poor system. Not reliable enough to use in the long-run. Almost considered a scam.
Marginally better than 1 star. Still not to be considered.
50/50 Chance of being ahead of each session. Good conepts but needs more tinkering to get it working as it should over the long term.
Something worth paying money for. Will stay ahead 8 out of 10 sessions. Overall a long term winner.
Highly recommended. The system works both short and long term without fail. One of the best genuine systems available.

Review Synopsis

Name Score Comments
FAST Roulette Not a bad system, but needs work. Understanding the Fibonacci table and using it to pick the correct numbers does take time to learn and is a rather lengthy read. Not suitable for beginners.

FAST Roulette by Raymond Lai is primarily based on number grouping using the Fibonacci sequence.

The ebook is fairly thick and is a good and interesting read. Regarding the PDF document, it begins nicely regarding the mindset of gambling. This is an interesting read, but Raymond goes to mention not to fear loses.

The system works using Fibonacci to pre qualify the game of roulette before playing. If the game passes then you continue to use fibonacci to select the right playing numbers, otherwise move onto a different casino and start again.

Learning the correct way of pre qualifing a game and selecting the approriate numbers to place bets on is very tiresome. It is not FAST as it says it is and does take some time to learn.

Once the game has been pre qualified, and you have selected the correct numbers to place bets on according to the fibonacci sequence you will have to go through the entire steps again after each spin. So you can tell why we don't think it is fast at all.

At the end of the day, you cover the entire roulette board with a single unit bet except 4 numbers. Which 4 numbers are determined using the fibonacci sequence technique.

So if you win the spin, you win small and if you lose, you lose big. To make up for the loss you will need to play long and hard. This system has it's risks. It is true you can win 99.9% of the time, but when that 0.01% comes up, you lose alot of money.

If you want to spend $99 on a system which tells you to cover 32 numbers from the possible 36 or 37 numbers on a roulette table, then go right ahead. Because this is exactly what Raymond's system does. I suppose it does work to a small extent, but honestly, if you are an online casino gambler, then I insist in investing your money into one of the leading trio of online roulette betting software.

Reviewed by the webmaster of Roulette System Winner